50% off sale ends TODAY!

So how awesome is your holiday weekend? Make it better by taking advantage of the last day of our biggest sale yet! Get the items you love at amazing prices before the sale ends and have fun shopping from First & Chic today!

Black Friday 50% off sale - First & Chic boutique for women


Black Friday & 2013 Holiday Gift Guide

We have our best sale yet this Black Friday! Are you ready for it? Shop till you drop at FirstAndChic.com, convenient, super hot sale, and an array of gorgeous products to choose from!

Black Friday 50% off sale - First & Chic boutique for women


We have an amazing selection of beautiful clothing and accessories and here’s a peek at a few of our favorite things… 😉

Holiday Picks from First & Chic


And finally, we have a huge announcement that I am soooooo ecstatic about! We now offer online gift cards for our boutique – the perfect gift this holiday season! And you husbands out there, check this out because this is definitely a winner. 😉

First & Chic Gift CardAnd with that I want to take the time to wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving! May you enjoy it with those you care about and that your life may be full of blessings. First & Chic Heart and Love


Great transitional New Arrivals!

Winter is almost here! Are you ready for it? We have some amazing NEW ARRIVALS that are perfect for transitioning from Fall to Winter.

Transitional Fall-Winter New Arrivals only at First & Chic!


Head on over to our Facebook page for an exclusive coupon on any of these items! And happy transitioning! I LOVE this time of year!!!

A Beautiful Color Scheme for Fall – Style Board!

Tribal prints are not fading away my friends. And why in the world should they? They are gorgeous! I personally am a big fan of tribal prints and chevron prints (if you haven’t noticed yet looking through the boutique). Today, I have a style board for you that has both patterns and then some. Take a look at this gorgeous outfit featuring of course a tribal chevron print on the long maxi skirt, charcoal accents throughout (the perfect neutral in this outfit!) paired with the amazing marriage of fuchsia and royal blue – sooo pretty.

Chic Look Style Board from First & Chic

Notice the chevron patterned being carried out in the pattern of the handbag as well. All of our clothing and accessories perfectly compliment each other, that has always been one of our top priorities, making it easier for our customers to put together outfits quickly while browsing our website.


These gorgeous colors are amazing together. Royal blue and fuchsia will never go out of style, that’s for sure. This look is perfect for date night, an afternoon stroll, going out with your girlfriends, having a lunch date, going to church, the options are infinite! Feminine, super cute, chic, beautiful, modern and classic at the same time. Love that!

fnc-BuyItNow  #1, #2, #3, #4, #5

One Chic Look and Inspirational Quote for Women #5!

I have had a song stuck in my head this morning. Believe it or not, it’s not really a “song” but a clip quote from the movie Elf. I love that movie! I keep thinking of the line where Buddy says, “I’m singing, I’m in a store and I’m siiingiiing! I’m in a store and I’m siiiiiingiiiiiing!” It’s so my favorite line! But as I thought about this line and how interestingly happy it made me, I thought to myself that we should strive to be happy and sing the song in our hearts that is longing to help us find happiness. You know, those thoughts of wanting to feel beautiful, important, cherished and loved, remembered, and cared about. Let that be the inspiration for you to know that regardless of what circumstance you are in, no matter how many friends and family you have or how lonely you feel, know that you already are all of these things and it just takes you to believe it so that the song can really play within your heart. Those thoughts are my inspiration for this week’s inspirational quote for women:

{Feel free to share this inspirational quote on social media, blogs, wherever. Just please do not edit it. Thank you!}

Inspirational Quote for Women #5


In addition I also have a brand new style board for ya that I love! Super chic and totally feminine. I love the tribal pattern here as the focus of the outfit, the flattering fit, gorgeous complementing accessories, and…. hello!…. that gorgeous beaded neckline top! To die for! And if you see it in person, sooooo much better ladies! No need for a necklace which is superb! And the classic cable knit cardigan is the perfect touch of sophistication and so appropriate for Fall.

One Chic Look from First & Chic Boutique

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Speaking of Fall, the Holidays are coming very SOON! Have you made your Christmas Wishlist yet? Check out all of the amazing tops, sweaters, jeans, accessories, dresses, and skirts at our boutique! And very soon, we will be offering E-Gift Cards – perfect for the Holiday Season!

Oh and here’s a link to a great page full of line quotes from the movie Elf fnc-arrow (Click here)